15 February 2006

The plan of action.

So, the plan of action for tonight is as follows:
  1. Extract Pro-Plus from the bottom of my rucksack.
  2. Take Pro-Plus with large mug of coffee.
  3. Put washing in.
  4. Wash dirty plates and cups up*
  5. Remove clutter from desk and floor.
  6. Start to do some more work.
  7. Break for Desperate Housewives (possibly time for more Pro-Plus and/or coffee)
  8. Tidy up sofa and return to study.
  9. (Potentially bollock students if they play up.)
  10. Write essay on qualities required to be a paramedic (Must not be sarcastic, therefore = very hard to write).
  11. Crawl into bed sometime tomorrow morning

I love being nocturnal.

* just don't ask me how long they've been in the sink for, OK?

1 comment:

Manda said...

eeeewwww, story of my life at the moment too!
But I have to fit going to work in there somewhere as well....