25 February 2006

Educated Conversation

Take 3 medical students and a human health masters student who haven't all been in contact since graduation.

Add generous amounts of wine, tequila, cider, tart-fuel (alcopops), Pimms, cocktails and Red Bull. (allow for food if hungry)

Incubate around a table, briefly pausing for ice-cube fights.

Observe behaviour and eavesdrop on conversation. "New rescusitation guidelines...bilateral breast reduction.....stool samples....tuberculosis"

As you may have guessed, we aren't your normal first year students. Our drunken conversation still relates to health and disease - although the conversation ends up in the 'health and disease gutter' - very quickly, discussing nasty ailments and minging things that we've read. Nice.

It's nice to catch up with them though, especially since I haven't seen them since last July. And if I have a headache today, I worry for the rest of them.

Oh, and the lemon - it ended up in my handbag at some point last night, after it had been down my top. I can't quite remember where it came from, but I suspect it wasn't bought.

Nevermind, it will come in useful for pancake day next week.

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