04 February 2006

Magic Tricks

Did I ever mention my amazing skills?? (no - not those skills, get your mind out of the gutter!) I mean the skills where I can turn a reasonably sober human being into a rude arrogant twat? Yes, it is all my fault.
But I do practice responsible bar skills - honest.

Tonight I actually walked away from serving a customer because he was too cocky and arrogant. His attitude works fine with some of the bar staff - but being called babe and winked at by a drunken fool kind of rubs me the wrong way. Especially when reference to my chest is made.

I also learnt tonight that some music is completely incompatible with a busy bar; Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex for example. Combination of this song with crowds of people holding glass recepticles usally ends with said receptacles on the floor - potentially followed by flying fists over spilled drinks. Quite funny to watch the bouncers settle that one.

In other news, it's coming up to my first birthday in a couple of days. It's all his fault.

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