18 February 2006


Sorry for the lack of posting in the last couple of days, but I've not been feeling too clever. I think the stress may be getting to me, as my back has been really painful. I think I also managed to give myself low level food poisoning from a dubious chicken omelette I made. Still, I said I needed to lose weight and now I have. On the plus side, because I didn't know whether the D&V was viral or food poisoning at first, no-one used my mug in the kitchen at uni. Always nice.

I've also had an unusual day due to Tramadol. I actually don't know how I managed to go shopping after lectures today because I really wasn't with it at all. I reckon people must have thought I was pissed because there's no way I was walking in a straight line. I also fell asleep on the bus and only just woke up because my phone rang!
(I've just realised that the tramadol probably had a more potent effect than normal because I was dehydrated and hadn't eaten.)

In other science-y news, it's a really good job that I don't use needles in my lab. Sticking a blood filled micropipette tip in your hand is very unlikely to break vinyl gloves, never mind skin. Needless to say, this is probably the very reason they don't allow me to play with needles.
(Interviews looming)

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Doug said...

Never apologize for failing to post. It's not like your readers are paying for this.