15 February 2006


This could potentially be a problem. Is anyone else getting slightly worried, or is that just me?

For all I work in human disease, this matter has been conveniently ignored by all academic staff who teach me!
In other news, I think that the smoking ban is a fabulous thing. As a bar maid in a very busy bar, I'm fed up of my eyes burning by the end of the night. Not to mention coughing at customers, and having to scrape cigarette ash out of glasses before washing them.


PS: as you can see, students do know what mornings are!


Anonymous said...

I lived through SARS - it's not just you that's worried!

Bystander said...

If I say nice things about your blog, will you come and save me when I am laid low by a gannet, or worse?

Merys said...

that would all depend on how much shameless promotion you are prepared to do! I don't care what they say - every woman has her price!