23 February 2006

A question of balance

And who says students don't know how to study?

As my mother always says:

"Everything in moderation"

For tonight I may do more drinking than studying, but hopefully not.


DC said...

Just make sure you aren't killing off the same brain cells that you are using for the studying.

Manda said...

Hey do you ever listen to music when you study or do you find it too distracting?

Merys said...

I can't study in silence - I've tried and failed. I find either music, or a DVD that I've seen many many times works for me, that way I don't have to concentrate on it too much.

Ellis James said...

Evening Merys
I find I have to have some music blasting in order to drown out the noise from my kids. Only then can I concentrate on the task at hand.

Merys said...

That's my excuse for drowning out the noise of my students. If i can't hear them I can't bollock them