29 April 2006

A change of plans leads to a return to childhood

So there I was, planning to go to the cinema, desperate to see Silent Hill when one of my mates backed out on me. I'm not adverse to going to the cinema alone, but seeing how the silent hill website has just scared the crap out of me, I'm really glad I didn't.
I decided to go and rent a movie instead. While roaming endlessly around the aisle, something caught my eye. A film from my childhood: Laputa - Castle in the Sky. This was taped from the television for me as a small child, and was watched religiously until my parents hid the video because they were sick of it.
I rediscovered the video as a teenager, and with it my awe at the film. I don't know why it appeals so much, maybe just because it isn't Disney, American or 'cute and cuddly'.
Unfortunately, upon getting home I discovered that Disney had got their hands on my film, and re-dubbed all the actors voices. The characters are now all Americanised, and the lines are different, as well as the music.
My mother laughed at me when I told her what I'd rented, and she laughed even more when I told her how disappointed I was with it. She said she would send me the original in the post.
I shall just have to spend the evening watching Doctor Who, Strictly Dance Fever and Casualty, before I watch the other DVD rental Million Dollar Baby.

NB: Bugger. Have just been playing around on the Silent Hill website and have opened a page that's so scary I can't close the window. If I'm this scared of the website, should I really go and see the film?!


Anonymous said...

You could always take your pillow to the cinema ;)

Merys said...

Funny Briscoe, very funny

Anonymous said...

don't go see silent hill. its the scariest film i've ever seen and the ending is crap.