15 April 2006

On being at home (continued)

There's been very little to do today. The postman brought me a lovely box of chocolates and I lounged around in bed until dragged out by the folks.
Dinner and shopping followed, and I made some fabulous girly purchases; wonderwoman knickers and handcuff earrings. I don't think my father approves of the knickers (he followed me into the shop), so heaven knows what he'll think of the earrings. He did buy me a hydration bag for when I start cycling again (just round uni, not for any real purpose), a lovely Berghaus one because I was eyeing up a cheaper version. He definitely wanted a boy - there's no doubt about it. I also got some new bits for my swiss army knife, some socks, some wool and some more jewellery.
My evening will consist of crumpets, the end of Strictly Dance Fever, Doctor Who and Casualty.
After that, probably bed because there's nowt to do here.
Yorkshire is a bit depressing really.

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