10 April 2006

Normal service resumed

It's my title you bloodygoddamnedthief Tom Reynolds!

Well, I'm back to uni tomorrow. Gladly.

Don't think the interview went very well - I kept getting interrupted, and they argued with every answer I gave. I know the interview was meant to challenge me, but I came out in a really bad mood and felt knackered, mentally and physically.

As my dear mother said; "They're southerners, what did you expect?" My father and I laughed at her.

I will blog more about it when I get back to Uni, because it's approacing Yorkshire bedtime again, and I'm feeling the strain of travelling over 350 miles today.

On a random note: Hello to the person who found my blog with the google search "how do I know if I am sleepwalking?". Because if you're like me, you usually wake up half way through and think 'what the hell.....? You daft bint, get back to bed!'


Jo said...

They are not Southerners! Birmingham is up north ...

Rob said...

Birmingham isn't midlands? I don't want to be classified as being born a southerner!

Anonymous said...

Say hello to the sheep for me! Thats while your dodging the cow pats sleepwalking in your nightie..