18 April 2006

In mourning....

....for my iPod mini.

I'm more annoyed than upset - but I'm sure I'll be upset pretty soon.
First it decided that I didn't have the correct iPod software for the actual device, but this was Thursday and I was going home, so it would just have to stay as it was. Bad idea. On the trains home it wouldn't play around 40% of my music - mainly the stuff I really wanted to listen to.
Fairynuff. As soon as I get back to uni I'll update it - no problem.
This morning I downloaded the latest patch from the apple website - no problems. Except that the iPod is already up to date. Again, fairynuff, I can cope.

Out I go to have my blood tests done and it's still dropping songs. A bit annoyed now, so when I get back in I make what is possibly the biggest mistake so far. Decide, in my infinite computing wisdom to restore all the original settings to my iPod. This means wiping all 4Gb of music and resinstalling all of it again.
Dammit, why did I do it.

Suprise suprise, said iPod now won't let me put any music back on. Apparently it has 'firmware' issues, and all I can get it to do now is show me a picture of a folder with an exclamation mark. Have done everything the apple website suggests, and I'm still stuck.

Anyone out there with any bright ideas??


Rob said...

If you are really REALLY bored you can add songs via folders. I have found that possible in order to take stuff off.

First you need to view "hidden files". Then connect iPod and there should be a hidden folder, within that there should be lots of folders with music (00, 01, 02 etc) with random track in it. As far as I can tell there are no rules as to where this stuff goes.

Or you could just format the thing and start again from default...

I take the blame for nothing btw! I've been serving then consuming booze for a few hours now. Whoops! Follow my advice at your own risk.

Merys said...

yeah, now it wont communicate with my computer. iTunes knows the pod is there, but refuses to put music on it. Grrr

Universal Soldier said...

Errm buy a different MP3 player - iPods seem to break on a regularly basis.