03 September 2005


No more mo-blogging for me. My phone credit has died as a result of the previous entry, as well as my battery. At least I know I can though, so that's in my favour.


Does anyone know anything about hydrotherapy, what goes on and the like, cos i've been referred to be assessed for having the above? Obviously I am aware that it involves water, and probably involves a swimsuit I guess.
Can't say I'm overtly keen on the idea really. Any info please drop me a comment in the box

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Anonymous said...

i myself had been referred for several ailments which I think the medical community cannot diagnose, after several car accidents. fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome came after depression. I've seached for information and found one researcher- don't know his/her name -on a site dedicated to hydrotherapy. www.blog.mybath.biz Doesn't seem to care about much other than educating people about alternative medicine and homeopathy. i think it's funny and imformative.