07 September 2005

Square eyes

Yet another day of the joyous microscope.
It got to the point today where I couldn't tell if I could see red blood cells, or if the light was making my eyes get spotty. It turned out to be the latter.

It's gotten really windy here, and with all the doors banging outside my flat, I'm beginning to get a bit spooked.

Might just drag the TV into my bedroom tonight and distract myself prior to sleep. Mind you, if I want a really fast slumber, I could always read my notes.

It may be time for me to call it a night soon, all I've done today is learn to turn on a computer and open a file (I humoured them, for my own sanity). Thankfully tomorrow I have the morning off, so I can sleep in for a change.

Birthday soon



Anonymous said...

Hmm medicine. I have a mate who is doing a masters and medicine. Hes been studying for the last 8 years at uni and still has 2 more (specializing in something)!

Sure he will be earning upto 100k plus a year, but I just couldnt sit around for that long and drink the student bar dry...

Maybe Im just old?

Merys said...

hmm, I don't think I could drink the bar dry anymore. Working on the other side of it has kind of made me lose interest in beer. That, and the constant cleaning of vomit and carrying students to bed. Gives you a slightly different perspective to drinking.