07 July 2006


I was away from the television today when the remembrance service was on - and I missed the 12 o'clock silence, but that doesn't mean my thoughts were not with the survivors and the families of those who perished.

On this day last year I'd been working an early shift in my local hospital. I'd been at work from around 8AM and was due to finish around lunchtime. Staff, patients and their families all huddled around the ward television trying to hear the news, while staff visiting the ward brought speculation of power surges in the underground, and France reacting to the Olympic success etc. No-one really knew what to make of it - but many staff were trying to contact family and friends in London.

Work came to an almost standstill - but it wasn't until my shift was over that we really knew what had happened.

Disbelief was common amongst all the staff and patients, but now my thoughts are with those with an involvement in 7/7.

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