27 July 2006

A proper working girl

08.30 - Doorbell goes. Postman has eBay package that won't fit in the letterbox. Thankfully, the postman has enough sense to stick the package through a crack in the door and save my dignity!

08.32 - go back to bed

08.42 - Turn TV on, can't sleep

09.45 - Start to go for shower, when phone rings and it's work. General manager want to know if I can come in for 2.30 instead of 4 because he's feeling ill. No problem. Head back towards shower

10.30 - Post-shower - feed dog, feed cat, feed self. Start family ironing to help mother, watching DVDs in the process (Legally Blonde and 2 Weeks Notice)

13.00 - Finish ironing and start to do microwave Weighwatchers meal of Moroccan Chicken with Cous Cous.

13.35 - Start to straighten hair

14.05 - Finish straightening hair and start makeup and contact lenses. Get dressed!

14.31 - dive into work place and blame sodding traffic

14.35 - quick handover with departing general manager, and swap keys with him for locking up.

14.37 - deal with first whining customers wanting a refund. Skillfully persuade them that they don't want a refund, and give free drinks from the bar instead! Strike 1 to Merys!

Everything going smoothly until....

16.20 - Kick out first set of Chav Children for stealing, swearing and bad behaviour. Laugh in their faces as they threaten me. Male staff laugh at me laughing at them.

17.00 - Brown stuff hits the fan as restaurant runs out of chips. Make a mercy dash to Tesco.

18.30 - Clean play area, clean up after small energetic children's birthday party (play on swings when no-one is watching!)

18.45 - deal with second set of whining customers with less success, more free drinks.

somewhere between 19.00 and 22.00 time blurs. I know I ate and cashed up some tills, but that's it.

22.00 - throw last customers out and lock up. Rinse and repeat again tomorrow!

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Carmelo said...

Mind if I borrow/steal the format from your post? I had the day from Hell, I need to rant.