31 July 2006

I'm just a sentimental soul!

I’m now officially back at home, so blogging will be significantly lighter than normal until September. I hate using dial-up, but I’ve rectified the situation significantly by replacing my parents’ archaic PC with my own recently updated one. I’ll admit, being all independent and headstrong, I decided to set the machine up myself. It couldn’t be that difficult – I mean, I set it up when I bought it, so doing it at home couldn’t be much harder….could it?

Well, if your name’s Merys then at some point you’ll have to call in the cavalry (i.e. the nearest computer engineer who isn’t at work) to talk you through it over the phone. I mean, how was I meant to know that when you’ve installed a new graphics card (or had a friend do it for you!) that you have to plug the monitor into that one?! I went through two monitors before admitting defeat. Then I couldn’t get the sound to work. Possibly because I’d plugged the speakers into the blue (line-in) socket – another telephone call rectified that one.

So, I’ve spent all morning and part of the afternoon scanning photographs and adding all my CDs to iTunes (which still isn’t working properly!) before I try and get rid of them all at carboot!

It’s been a sentimental morning – scanning my photographs from the first year at uni (as I previously mentioned, I didn’t have a digital camera until my third year) reminded me that I was officially leaving, and tugged at a few heartstrings as I saw friends that I’d long forgotten about. I don’t think I can bring myself to scan any more in now, but I feel I should for posterity.

On a sidenote, if anyone has any ideas how to get iTunes to recognise my iPod, then could they please drop me an email or a comment. I’ve re-installed and repaired iTunes, reinstalled all my USB drivers etc, and generally tried everything I can think of. The iPod is showing up in windows under My Computer, but not in iTunes, which means I can’t update my music. Help!

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Mat said...

You need to install ipod software I bet.

Should have a disk you got with your ipod. Install off that. Then plug ipod in when called. If not it's on the ipod page, if I'm on MSN ask and i'll find.