02 July 2006

Great Scot

So, yesterday was a great day for British sport. As you may have gathered, I aren't referring to the football, but rather the stunning defeat of Andy Roddick by the cute wee Scotsman Andy Murray. Now that's a proper sport!

I can't really comment a lot on the football, because I don't fully understand all the rules - especially the offside rule. Although I did find this helped a lot (thanks to Anna, Fair and True for the link).

Anyway, after much huffing, puffing, pushing, heaving, swearing and personal injury (I gave myself a blood blister) - the iPod works, and battery life seems much improved. I am happy! (for a change).

Also, I have spent the last hour beating the printer with a shoe trying to get it to print out the final copy of my thesis. With little luck. In an hour I have 1 copy, when I need 4. It could be a very long night.

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