27 January 2006

Will someone please remove the knives from my eyes?

I have gotten over the 'deep heat and contact lenses' issue now, but my eyes are killing me. I think I've just been burning the candle at both ends a little too much. Just sitting here in front of the computer screen is burning my eyes. I was going to put my contact lenses in this morning when I got up, but I took one look at my eyes in the mirror and the image that greeted me wasn't pleasant. They were a bit bloodshot to say the least, so I think that vanity can take a back seat today and I'll wear the specs.
Quite frankly I just feel like shite at the moment, and I have to be up early all this weekend, so I've got no choice about having a lie in. I've got the extreme pleasure of having to work tonight and be up for observing this weekend.
My mother keeps asking me if I'm OK at the moment, and keeps asking when I'm going to go out and have some fun - but frankly I don't have the time right now. I've got two interviews to prepare for, a martial arts grading to study/train for, my masters to do, 3 jobs to keep on top of, the gym to go to and all the volunteer stuff I do.
I suppose that answers the question about why I feel so tired at the moment.
Merys (needs eyedrops)

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Anonymous said...

so apart from the 3 jobs...its all self inflicted.. no sympathy hehe. I feel your eye issues though. Be carefull I had to take my sis to A&E one new years for a lacseration to her cornea..probably caused by not washing her hands when she put her lenses in. Apparently it could have blinded her if we hadnt caught it in time with anti niotic drops....

Take it easy