25 January 2006

Never again

Never ever ever will I gulp down a curry and go for a 'run'. I thought I was going to puke, and I'm amazed I didn't.

Also on the list of things I will never do again: use Deep Heat and put my contact lenses in afterwards. It didn't seem to matter that I had washed my hands thoroughly. It burns. It really burns. Try getting your eyes open long enough to get the contact lens back out again.

I really am a stupid tart sometimes. I lack rather a lot of common sense a lot of the time, just proving the fact that a degree does not make you intelligent.

Anyway, more observing with the ambulance coming up soon, so maybe I will have something cool to blog about. But until then, keep commenting because I'm bored.

Stupid Merys


DC said...

Deep Heat - that's along the same lines as cutting up fresh chillies and then getting 'intimate'. And yes I did do that once.

Fuckkit said...

Take heart m'dear, intelligence is not the same as common sense and many who have one lack the other.

Sadly I lack both ;)

Anonymous said...

I remember being CS gassed in the police. Everyone in the group got in the shower afterwards...the CS crystals react with water.. Luckily I knew this and wore shorts. others did not. Oh the screams of pain...hahah