12 January 2006

Observers Curse

I've just decided that it might be time to blog about the last time I went observing before Christmas. Since I managed to get an interview on a paramedic university course, I need more work experience to look better on the day. I kept reminding myself of this dedication when I set my alarm clock to 5.30 AM. This was a perfectly acceptable time of the day - had I not been working in the bar till stupid-O'clock the night before. I guess I got to bed around 2.30AM before getting up for 5.30. With my taxi booked and my lunch in my bag I trudged from my flat to arrive just before 7AM.

I was lucky to be paired with a cool crew, even if they did think my accent was particularly hilarious (yeah, so funny mate - no I don't live on Emmerdale Farm).
Observers curse didn't set in as much as the last time I went out. A fair few 'proper' jobs and what appeared like no timewasters. I was told that it wasn't busy though.
On the second day I was very lucky to go out on the car. Less jobs, more serious ones (at least in theory).
Does it sound strange that I was disappointed that there was no blood involved?

What did surprise me was how naive I felt on one of the jobs. I don't really want to go into detail, but none of the patients had been in an immediately life threatening condition (broken bones, slips and trips etc), yet it didn't hit me that one patient could actually die until a member of his family asked if he would be fine.
The answer was probably.
Only probably...
I guess it stopped me in my tracks. I feel so dumb for being enthusiastic and blasé about other people’s health and misfortunes. I was feeling so good about myself getting my work experience, and enjoying it – that I never considered that it could potentially be life and death.

I guess I have something to talk about at interview now.

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