22 January 2006


Since I've been out as an observer with the ambulance service, I've had quite a few 'firsts'.

I've seen my first dead body, seen my first freshly hatched baby (about 1 minute old by the time we arrived), done CPR on a real person for the first time, and seen my first case of 'compensationitis'.

The problem is, for the first real time in my life - I'm not hellbent and focused on a career as a doctor anymore. I feel as though I'm being torn in two different directions in my life, and I really don't know which way to go.

Any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Its a tough one. On the one hand you have many tough years of study but then a good standard of life. On the other is less study, more front line and a little tougher way of life. I chose the money route and live a happy-ish existance. But I am always thinking "what if". Thing is, your "Firsts" will soon be "Hundreds" and the sparkle will go. Try to see yourself at that stage and imagine where you can go from there.

Best of both worlds perhaps?

Fuckkit said...

Well what else would you do?

Kal said...

I think as long as you've got a "Somewhere else" in your head, it doesn't matter what you're doing. Personally, I quite fancy making paramedic/practitioner at some point and then looking at international aid work.

Have a big picture, but don't decide what you want to do when you grow up, my parents are in their mid-fifties, semi-retired and still don't know.