17 January 2006


It's official. I'm an alcoholics wet dream. I have Guinness on my elbows and beer in my hair. I smell of a fruity combination of sambuca and lager, as well as stale cigarette smoke. I have glass shards in my hand that I can't get out, and broken glass in the soles of my work boots.
I have the expression of someone who has seen far too many drunks to care anymore, and I've had to put up with idiots all night. All in all I'm not a happy Merys. I'm a tired, grumpy asthmatic Merys who is fed up of twats smoking at the bar, despite large signs and my swearing repeatedly at them. I'm fed up with them rubbing it in by buying rounds of drinks on their debit cards, simply because they can since their student loan payment has gone in. I don't get a student loan because I am a post-grad. I'm fed up because my hours have been cut at work, without anyone telling me, but yet the bar is busier than ever and we're expected to work harder and be understaffed too.
Do you think I may be grouchy at all??


Anonymous said...

Cost cutting management are bastards. Where I work, shop managers think we're understaffed and district/area managers stop all overtime. Figures ...

I also hate people who smoke at counters, *despite* the huge signs telling them not to! But there's no point asking them to stop when the manager is there smoking behind the counter.

Btw, I have now read your entire diary over the course of a couple of visits, and bookmarked it.

Merys said...

Jeez, it really isn't that interesting Jo!!
and yes, in my bar we do have those signs telling you not to smoke, so I take great delight in actually yelling at people.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but you see, I'm a bloody student too. I'm afraid I was a first year last year, but quite a quiet, sensible one as they go (science student you see, so I had to get up for nine o'clock lectures - also a first aider so was coming home at 2 a.m., sober and tired, when the rest of my flat was ... not sober!!)