31 January 2010

Crimes against exercise

I know it's late, but I think my sleep cycle has gotten a little confused.

I'm glad my housemates have all gone out for the night, both for my benefit and their own. Much therapy would be needed if they could see what an arse I've just been making of myself.

This is above and beyond an exercise DVD, this is Just Dance for the Wii. Possibly the most addictive and sweat inducing game in the world, once you get over the humiliation of thinking 'it's a good job nobody can see me at the moment, as I look like a buffoon'.

Anyway, showered and cleaned I'm not sat huddled under a blanket, in my fresh-from-the-dryer pyjamas watching the cheesiest DVD in the world.. Alvin and the Chipmunks. At least I'm happy.

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