24 January 2010

Band on the run

I love cycling home after nightshifts. I don't know why, you'd think I would be exhausted.

This morning two songs on my iPod made me smile like a loon whilst pedaling like a nutter:
Band on the run by Wings
Footloose by (I have no idea)

Consequently I was home in 10 minutes.

I'm now sat in my pajamas watching last night's Casualty and drinking margarita.

Happy days.

Good night all....


Sophie said...

Have been reading your blog for a while...and I got a blogging award so thought I would pass it on to you, visit my blog to pick it up!

I now have footloose stuck in my head. I must say sometimes it is really satisfying to cycle or walk, especially with motivating music. Long may you enjoy the cycle home :-)

Anonymous said...

Footloose might be by Kenny Loggins! Hope that this helps. JeremyF