13 August 2008


I'm sorry, I feel like I deserted all (two) of you by just vanishing into the ether.

I went away and did something incredibly worthy.

I feel a much better person for it and am desperate to do it again next year.

Ironically, without this blog I would have never become involved in it.

I'm now back into night shift mode and working my little socks off after my 'holiday' to try and increase my bank balance from £1.82 to something a little more compatible with food shopping.

Equally, I'm trying to see just how little money I can actually spend in a week.

Last night I did a supermarket shop on £6.60 and was a walking advert for own brand food. Sure, it might not help my diet, but it will help my finances.

So therefore, I am going to keep a cost diary of all the money I spend on food and necessities for the immediate future to see if I can survive on pittance.

Wish me luck!


Jo said...

Good luck! Own brand food is great :-) Sometimes a bit higher in salt than more expensive stuff, but the taste is usually the same, and you can really see the saving...

So - what was the thing of worthiness that you did?

Anonymous said...

Well done and I would be interested to read your shopping list and how much it costed!

DundeeMedStudent said...

yep keeping a spending diary is a great way of saving money- soon you won't want to squander £2.70 on a pint or £1.90 on the sunday papers.

good luck

Anonymous said...
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