27 August 2008

Arse it continued

Wow, I seem to have well and truly divided the audience (so to speak).

Under the current student loan system, post-graduates are required to pay three thousand pounds up front every year. For this, I get a LOAN of three thousand pounds each year. I get no more funding in any shape or form.

Anything outside of this has to be privately funded. Other students get more money because they are either:
  1. over 25
  2. independent
  3. parents themselves
  4. on their first degree
  5. children of less wealthy parents
  6. released by the forces
  7. in difficult circumstances

you get my drift right? Guess what, I fall into none of these categories.

Therefore, I need to find approximately 5 grand a year to survive. Hence why I work so hard on 4 jobs and study less than I should.


Lucy said...

Blimey, where did you get a loan from to cover the fees? I didn't know there was such a thing! Just looking into doing a Masters now and wondering if it's worth it...

On a random tangent, i never said thank you...I received a coral pendant made by you for my birthday a while ago after sending my mum off with the internet link and strict instructions! So, cheers.

Anonymous said...

well, it seems like you do fall under the "in difficult circumstances"..

Anonymous said...

yep, i get your drift, you're whinging. you knew all that when you started the course. if you can't make it work leave now and quit wasting an expensive med school place.

SSS said...

Merys, if I were you I'd disable the anonymous comments facility. It's just a way for some people to abuse you.

Back to the topic. Are you sure you don't fall into the 'difficult circumstances' catagory?

Anonymous said...

I thought graduates doing Med got the living expenses loan (about £6k in London) and were not entitled to a loan for fees (having already got a degree)?? You get the NHS bursary in Yr 5 don't you?

And to Lucy, there is no funding in England for Masters courses. NI does some - for people resident in NI at a certain date (too early for people who just move there for study).

Eclipse said...

Please merys, I agree with sss, disable the anonymous comments. Many other bloggers do this because there seems to be a small subsection of those who surf the internet who get some perverse joy out of being spiteful whether it is warranted or not. I stand by what I said in a comment on an earlier post, that people who decide to express their views in the comments section positive or otherwise should also have the courage to stand up and be counted (i.e. make themselves known).

I like reading your blog and having been a student myself know what its like, but I don't like seeing people write unnecessary and hurtful comments.