16 January 2012

The Maplin Game - a deviation from medicine

This game can also be played in any hardware, model or otherwise 'manly*' shop.
1. Enter shop alone, or ditch any boys at the entrance and let them follow you in.
2. Go and look at something. It doesn't have to be anything in particular, but generally the more obscure, the better the result.
3. Wait
4. Wait a bit more, it usually won't take long before someone (almost always male) approaches you and asks if you're OK.
5. Observe that as you move around the shop this will happen more than once.
6. Laugh that it never seems to happen to male counterparts in the shop.
7. See if you can beat my personal best of 3 in 5 minutes!

*I'm not saying that these shops are just for men, I often frequent them to look for arts and crafts tools.


Anonymous said...

You'll also find that the more attractive you are, the more times you'll be asked if you want help. I used to work in Maplin - it wasn't because we assumed you needed help, it was just we were so fed up of working in a sausage fest that we used to chase the good looking ladies around if one came near us.

Anonymous said...

I may try this on my day off. It looks funny! ... although the rules don't say what you tell the person when they ask if you need help?

Merys said...

well, if it's an area i'm comfortable about knowing my stuff, I usually ask a complicated question... otherwise I just say I'm fine!