14 October 2008

Grinning and bearing it

For the last 7 days I have been unwell.

Nothing too serious, but two trips to the GP and 3 days off placement later and I'm still not feeling particular cheery.

I was ordered yesterday to take a clean 24 hours rest. So I started yesterday lunchtime and tonight I have a bar shift. Back to placement tomorrow for more grilling and playing 'follow a doc' and then some sport in the afternoon.

Problem is, I don't do 'ill' very well. I just can't slow down!


Dash said...

I'm having a similar problem - broken my foot and apparently I'm to rest and not allowed to run or climb. Slowing down is too difficult.

The Young Mummy said...

The begining of the year at uni sucks for illness ive had cold twice within a month.

hope you feel better soon

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling better now?

Monado said...

Hang in there: you can get better and better and more confident. Good luck!