22 May 2006

Complementary therapy

Following from my GP appointment, I consulated with my financial advisors (the bank of Mum and Dad) and we decided that they would help me to fund acupuncture again. It wasn't the same chinese practitioner that I went to last year. This time the doctor was male and spoke little English. I have to say I was a little unnerved to get my kit off in a room on my own with a health practitioner (I guess I'm just too used to male doctors having a female chaperone), but all went well. Until he stuck the needles in my butt. I wasn't expecting it and I may have twitched quite a bit. (Oops!)
At least this time I had again managed to get coordinating black underwear, rather than last year's atrocity. It was fine until I remembered my spot the dog socks that were hanging off the edge of the examination couch. Oops again.

I went back to the GP last week because the pain is getting worse and the new prescription isn't helping. His decision was to double the dosulepin and send me for a full set of spinal x-rays (cervical, thoracic and lumbar), much to the protests of the radiographer that the dose was too much for me. All is fine, as I'm not pregnant. Don't think I'm glowing though.

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