12 May 2006

Ask the audience

Ok. I'm on call tonight. I'm bored and praying that the bat phone doesn't ring. I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to get on with my dissertation, but after 2 glasses of wine and the majority of a 500ml tub of Chocolate Brownie flavoured Ben and Jerry's, I'm feeling a bit sluggish.
So I felt it was time to ask you guys (the few) what you think I should blog about.
Free choice, seriously.
Go nuts


Rob said...

The greatness, or lack thereof, of puppies.
Everyone loves puppies!

Merys said...

ok, here's where my yorkshireism comes into play. I hope you mean juvenile dogs, because where I live, puppies also refer to a woman's breasts. Please clarify!

Rob said...

I was referring to the small dogs!! I don't think I've heard of the breasts definition of puppies before :S