15 May 2006

New Links

I thought I'd take some time to update the sidebar (red: procrastinating from the dissertation), and the point out the new ones that have caught my eye:

I Like Curry - the work blog of John Robertson working as a trainee ambulance technician after being a students. Beautiful writing style to say he's a scientist by nature!

Deidamia - Lauren's blog as a final year medical student. Letting me know what I (hopefully) have to look forward to.

NHS Blog Doc - The unstoppable Dr Crippen. Need I say more!

The Hippocratic Oaf - Medical student at Oxford, showing me how much I will probably hate it when I get there.

Walking the Streets - The wonderful Bill Stickers who is still keeping motorists in line. I smile every time I read his blog.

Restaurant Girl - Because I've been there. I used to love being a waitress, despite the hard work and the rude customers.


Anonymous said...

I think Hippocratic Oaf is in Oxford, not Cambridge. Could be wrong mind.

Merys said...

My apologies, you are indeed correct. I have edited it accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site and look forward to perusing.
--Restaurant Gal