20 May 2006

The Da Vinci Code (and all that jazz)

I get my allowance on a Wednesday and it has to last me the entire week.
I now have £2.81 left. I can see this being a very long and lonely couple of days.

Why am I so short of money??
Well, my social life has emerged. I partied this week and went to the cinema today to see the Da Vinci Code. The verdict: Visually stunning, and almost exactly true to the book. Would reccommend.

Random thought: Is it wrong to want to procreate with an albino monk called Silas??


Rob said...

a) wait until im a poor vet med in edinburgh. 16k/y isnt nice or easy.

random) other humans (i was at work) thought it was bad. was it that bad?

Michael said...

Wanting to procreate with an albino monk called Silas? Given his status by the end of the film/book, I'd say illegal and pretty twisted.

Jo said...

No, no it's not wrong.
Phwoar is all I shall say on the matter.

PanickingFinalist said...

It was only becuase he's played by Paul Bettany.
If he had been played by Ronnie Corbett, I'm sure you'd have a much different take on the matter.

Jo said...

Ooh, someone else has my name too! That wasn't me; I haven't seen the film.

Izabela said...