24 May 2006

Just plodding along

Well, I would love to be able to say that my dissertation is coming on well, but it isn't. I've done under 2,200 words of a 10,000 essay on human disease, and the deadline is at the beginning of July.

I'm on call tonight, and I would get loads of work done if I didn't have to keep telling students off every half an hour. On the plus side, I shall be returning to Yorkshire for the bank holiday weekend to escape the pungent passive cannabis I keep inhaling here, and the give my sore throat a break from raising my voice.

On the plus side, it's nearly pay day, and I have a hospital nursing shift to look forward to tomorrow. I don't know what department I'm in tomorrow (the joy of being a relief auxiliary) but I'm hoping for something other than care of the elderly, possibly something paediatric. We might be able to see if I can find my maternal instinct somewhere along the way then.

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