18 May 2006


Further to confuse people, I'm going to explain the definition of 'puppies' where I come from.
When I was a teenager and going out to a party or 'disco', my father would invariably veto the outfit. You see, I'm a daddy's girl, and my father is a respected member of the community. It wouldn't do for me to go out dressed, well, scantily.
My father's classic expression if he felt I was showing too much cleavage (and he still uses it):
'If you're drowning them puppies love, I'll have t'one on t'left with t'pink nose'

At which point I would go and get changed.


LUU Dude said...

Ah yes, I push prefer "those" puppies to the ones that bite you ;-)

MuppetLord said...

rotflmao. Your dad is straight to the point I see.