02 May 2006

It's a love / hate relationship

- Customers in the bar who say 'thank you' when I glass collect from their table.
- The satisfied feeling of having been to the gym and getting a shower afterwards.
- Cheap public transport. How else could I get from university to the other side of town for 60p return?!
- My colleagues in the bar. We support each other and can have a laugh while working hard. How I'm going to miss them when I leave.
- Being a volunteer with the elderly. It's a really nice feeling to do something worthwhile and not get paid.

- Customers in the bar who pick fights with the staff. You won't win, I promise.
- The tall, toned, tanned beautiful women who strut naked around the changing rooms. Put some clothes on for goodness sake.
- Smelly people next to me on the bus. I can only hold my breath for so long...........
- Some of the customers in the bar. Don't tell me how to do my job, I've been a barmaid, in this bar for longer than you've been legally able to buy alcohol.
- Being skint. It sucks not having a student loan.

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