07 May 2006

Battling the proverbial demons

Since a couple of people have asked, yes I did eventually go and see Silent Hill.
Much to the amusement of my companion, I hid behind my hands for quite a bit of the film. I was watching, honest, just from behind my fingertips (it seems less scary that way!).

Horror films are weird for me. I'm fine with slasher movies where a person kills other people, but introduce ghosts, aliens and demons, and we have me taking a keen interest in the floor!

Silent Hill had the potential to give me bad nightmares, kind of like 28 Days Later did. Happily, the film was good, I was forced to actually watch it, and I didn't have nightmares. Reccommended to all, unless you don't like gore. It's a bit nasty at the end.........

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PanickingFinalist said...

I loved the way it mirrored the games. Pyramid head's cameo was a bit short, but it was awesome nonetheless.
Heres hoping you have a painfree night.
All the best.