11 March 2005


Yet again I went for acupuncture, except this time I was wearing coordinating underwear*. I don't know what she was doing to my neck, but I know she understands what Ouch means, even if nothing else.
I'm going home to see the folks this weekend, so any messages from readers would be cool by the time I get back. I may try and post from home, but it could be difficult (no broadband - internet naive parents).
Anyway, having just got back from my martial arts class, I'm going to sink into the midget sized bath in my flat and try to drown. With any luck my back ache may dull a bit, worst case scenario, I fall asleep in the bath (again).
Night guys.
PS, discussion at training tonight - is it now an instant jail sentence if you bite someone in self defence, under any circumstances? Does anyone know the answer to this?

* last time - black bra, green and neon pink knickers - nice

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