01 March 2005

Well there goes lent.....

Well, the weekend was interesting. Nuneaton is a long way to travel from Up Norf, but I think it was worthwhile - just a shame that I broke lent while I was there. In my defence, during lent you are meant to have Sundays off, and I haven't so far, so I've exchanged Saturday night for Sunday. It's really difficult being completely stone cold sober when all 9 people around you are hammered, so I succumbed and had a shandy (some would say that wasn't a real drink, I know). Its nice now to know that I've gained some real qualifications in my sport, but if my joints carry on the way they are, I'll never be able to use them anyway.
On this note, I'm a bit upset about something my G.P said today, and this is going to sound like I'm whinging, but I am, so I'll say it anyway. I was prescribed some new stuff last week for my joints. Something to help me sleep and something to take the pain away / reduce inflammation (NSAID for anyone interested). Well, even though I'm asthmatic and shouldn't really be taking NSAIDs, I said I would risk it and try them anyway. Jeez, I have never had such a bad upset stomach, I mean seriously, I was running out of lectures because I thought I was going to explode. Needless to say I didn't take them when I went away this weekend - my roomie would not have appreciated it.
But, I went back to see the G.P today, not the one I usually see I will add, for the receptionist to add me in as an emergency case. At no point did I say it was an emergency, but I did say I couldn't wait until the 17th March to see my Dr, so any Dr would do. Maybe the receptionist chick thought she was doing me a favour.
Dr accused me of being 'a bit teary' - not too suprising considering I've had a really painful neck for coming on for 6 weeks now, and nothing that helps is practical (fabulous painkillers = sleep through lecture). She also accused me of being a 'nightmare patient'. Whether this was meant to be a joke or not I don't know, but it didn't exactly reassure me, so when she was needling towards the 'are you suffering from depression' route, she hadn't gone off on the right foot in the first sodding place! Yeah, the 'are you just after more painkillers you pain in the arse, by the way are you feeling depressed?'. Well, I wasn't before but I am now. Needless to say I ended up with a prescription that went in the bin. I don't need OTC painkillers that I could buy cheaper OTC, if they actually worked. Oh Dear.
I think I fully appreciate Tom Reynolds' theory on crap GPs ( http://randomreality.blogware.com )

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