22 March 2005

Come Back Broadband - all is forgiven

I don't know if anyone else agrees with me here, but I seem to get a hell of a lot of Viruses when I'm on my broadband connection back at uni! Yet none at home on dialup!
Well home is different - a little quiet for my tastes, and I face the chance of losing my car to the MOT fairy for a while, considering the garage thinks it's due on April 13th, and I think it's March 27th. I really hope the former, as I don't think I can cope without a means of transport. (don't sugegst a bike, tried and tested, my knees won't hack it!).
My parents have finally had the home PC upgraded, and so I no longer have MSN messenger. (*sob*), so I'm gonna have to grin and bear the 35 minute download time (OMG!!) just to feel loved by my mates!!

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