04 March 2005


Well I am truly amazed! I have actually had hits on the blog, and some messages, which is really nice.
I'm a happy little bunny cos it's the weekend, and I think i'm abandoning the dissertation for the night and popping to the cinema. I don't know what I'm seeing yet, but I'll let you all know if it was good. I'm kinda shallow with films - in fact, I thought Tomb Raider was brilliant. But Ihate chick flicks - bridget jones is about my limit cos it's funny, but I really like action/adventure films. Apparently I make an excellent cinema buddy for ex boyfriends cos I hate slushy films. Bring on the Martial Arts stuff. Matrix all the way.
Lectures today - 3 (they're bribing us with bottles of wine now) slept through 1.5
Currently listening to - David Bowie - Golden Years
PS, keep those messages coming, it cheers me up

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