27 March 2005


Well, I've gotta say last night's TV was suprisingly good. (I may be a student, but I do pay my TV licence, so I feel it is appropriate for me to comment on this matter.)
Dr Who was originally before my time, so last night was interesting to say the least. I made a deliberate point of not watching any of the originals before last night, so that I could form my own opinions of the show itself. I think i've always got the jist of Dr Who, because my family used to holiday in Scarborough, where, on the harbour front is an old police phone box, identical to the TARDIS in the show, so this fact was explained to me as a small child. I found last night really interesting, but I feel it aims towards a more family friendly audience than I am used to. I wasn't exactly hiding behind the sofa, as my father had predicted! I think it was about time that older TV was brought back with a modern twist.
To enforce my eclectic opinions, I thoroughly enjoyed Strictly Dance Fever, if only because I used to do a lot of dancing as a teenager. But my my, how line dancing has changed......
On another TV programme, Mr Harvey Lights a Candle was a stunning piece of TV, and would be interesting for teenagers to watch, so that they could appreciate the hard role a teacher has to play, and how their actions can impact on more than themselves.
Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree,

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Anonymous said...

Mr Harvey Lights A Candle.

I can relate to the students position from when i was in school i used to give teachers a hard time. But that drama put things into perspective. i would love to watch the drama again.

So i totally agree with how i never appreciated teachers.