04 March 2005

A sprinkling of good news

Well, I knew there was something I had forgotten to mention! I've managed to get a medical school interview at my own university! Yay! I kinda keep forgetting that I've got it, because I don't have to arrange any travel like I had to for my last interview. I've already been offered one conditional place, and been rejected by 2 other universities, the reasons remain unknown.
Well, today I managed to get a shirt to go with my suit, and this wasn't an easy task. The problem is this; When I went to my last med school interview at aged 18, one image remains in my head - we all looked the same. Every single last interview candidate - male or female - was wearing a black trouser suit and a white shirt. Now, I remember thinking how smart I looked as I set off to travel the hundred or so miles to get there, only to be utterly shocked. I don't know why I was so suprised to be honest, as it would make the most sense.
Needless to say, I'm not keen to make the same mistake this time around - an issue that makes things more difficult. For my martial arts things, we are required to wear a black trouser suit and white shir for official events, and this is exactly what I own, but not what I want to wear on Monday! Jeez I do make things difficult sometimes.
When I went to my last post-grad interview, I had the privelidge of seeing the face of the woman interviewing me, so I opted for a smart twinset and skirt. This time it's two men, so I think navy blue trouser suit will win. The point of all this rambling - to sing the praises of George @ ASDA. While wandering aimlessly through there today, and looking casually for a blue shirt, I found this: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/102/3746/640/3.jpg
The price of this beautious shirt??? £2! How do I love Asda, let me count the ways!
PS, wish me lucj

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