16 March 2005

A tittle bit lipsy

Well, I think its fair to say that lent has been firmly exhausted now, and I've run out of sundays to use as an excuse. What can I say? - I'm weak, I know. Still, at least I managed 3 weeks (I think) before I broke.

On a seperate note - every muscle in my body hurts, despite training in a very warm room last night, and I wish to god I knew what was wrong with my back! I've made the very difficult decision to take my next martial arts grading - a difficult decision because my instructor doesn't deem me ready for it yet, but I can't wait - I'd be failing myself really.

So, while the rest of you enjoy your guiness tomorrow night, think of me, sweating it out in a hot sticky grading room whilst trying to keep all my respective buggered joints to work, and stay in their natural positions. I think i'll need a miracle to pass.

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