09 March 2005

And all that jazz

Well, today I hopped on a train to Liverpool to go and see G4 in HMV. Don't really know Liverpool all that well, so it was interesting getting around. Thankfully the train station is right in the centre of town so with bit of direction asking I got there in the end. And thank goodness I did. G4 are absolutely stunning - really excellent live. (and if you don't know what I'm talking about - this should give you an idea) also, if you wanna buy the album, HMV and Virgin do a student discount. And if you're American, you'll have no idea what the hell I'm on about - but never mind.
I know that bands like G4 get some stick because they are introduced to the world via TV, but these guys really can sing, and sing live too. I couldn't stop smiling all the way back home. I know have the worlds first G4 iPod cover too!!!! and they did think it was funny that I wanted my iPod skin signing. Unfortunately it's started to rub off already, so I need to relegate it to a box and buy a new one from eBay. God bless eBay, and all who buy from her.

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Anonymous said...

I'll agree totally there. Steve couldn't be bothered from the day of auditions - he's just a glorified lounge/cabaret singer. Ok, he'd be good in a hotel or cruise ship, but why do we want to hear him in the charts. Obviously my mother should be banned from buying CDs