24 December 2006

We're Going to Need Considerably Bigger Buns.....

Well, Christmas Eve is here and family visits have been done. It was nice to meet up with my cousins and catch up with them after a few absent years.

My female cousin is marginally younger than myself and has just become a newly qualified primary school music teacher, while my male cousin is a second year geography student in Wales. My male cousin is also heading towards being a teacher too...and interestingly all 3 (out of 3) of us have headed into higher education and to work with the public.

Interestingly, on the other side of my family I'm the only one in education at the moment, and the only one who did A Levels. I almost feel frowned upon for not making babies somewhere with a bloke who has no prospects or money. That sounds harsh I know, but its such a contrast from one side of the family to the other.

Christmas is a peculiar time for us - my grandfather died near christmas just before I started this blog, and it brings memories of family and friends lost. But death is something I expect to get used to somewhere down the line....

I'm now off work until Boxing Day, and I'm only doing a short shift then. My last shift was somewhat interesting - with my first aid skills being called upon (why does everyone presume that because I'm a medical student I know what I'm doing if someone injures themselves? I mean I am a 'qualified first aider', but you shouldn't presume!). I ended up staying an extra 2 hours after the end of my shift last night due to 'staff illness' and 2 staff injured themselves, one after the other. I decided that was a good indicator for me to go home before anything serious happened.
Now my parents are baking together downstairs (and I'm leaving them to it) and my plan for the rest of the day involves sleeping through rubbish films and gorging on chocolates and mince pies. There's no grandma this year as she's wanting to be on her own rather than with anyone. So I guess it's just me, the dog and my parents. At least the dog has amusement value in the morning when he opens his toys and pulls his cracker.
More importantly, I shall be watching Calendar Girls tonight on TV, which (although I've seen before) I'm really looking forward to! Good Yorkshire film!
I think I'm just all christmas-ed out this year, having had parties at uni, work and now home, I think I'm already bored. I want to remember what christmas is really all about, rather than just receiving and giving gifts.
If not before, I'll be blogging before the new year, so I must make some resolutions!
Merry Christmas love Merys!!


Ecparamedic said...

Happy Christmas Merys!


Calavera said...

I agree about that - as soon as I told people that I was in my first year of medschool, I got, "Oh, really? That's great! I've got this really weird rash on my arm - here, take a look at it - what do you think it is?" or something of the sort.

I would always just stare at them and admit that I was about as clueless as them, BUT HEY I KNEW THE KREBS CYCLE INSIDE OUT, WILL THAT HELP AT ALL?


Merry Christmas!! Keep blogging!

John Robertson said...

Great film Calendar Girls. Merry Christmas anyway Miss Jones, talk to you soon :-)

Jo said...

Happy Christmas Merys! (Can one ever get used to death? If you do, let me know what the trick is!!)