14 December 2006

Networking pt 2

As I mentioned previously in Networking pt 1, medicine breeds competition and sneakiness with each other.

Well, anything you can do, so can Merys.

By asking the right people the right questions and (dare I say) brown nosing slightly, I managed to get a day's shadowing on the GP out of hours service on a Saturday. It involved me being up at 6.30 in the morning to be there at 8.00, and forfeiting my lie in, but the experience counts! As well as being able to sit with doctors all day and see patients, listen to telephone triage etc, I also got to go on home visits with both a doctor and an ECP.

Going out with the ECP was enlightening, as my advice was constantly being asked. I did keep having to remind that I was only a first year.

The one thing that amused me the most was being expected to do things. I guess I was being naive when I went out, thinking I would just be sitting and watching. Sadly not.

The problem with learning skills is that eventually you're expected to do it for real on a real patient. On the good side I did prove to myself and the doctor/ECP that I could actually take a manual blood pressure (admittedly after a few false starts!)


Matthew said...

I'm neither competitive or sneaky and I do plenty of medicine :) (Well when I'm not hungover =p)

Ecparamedic said...

Give it a few years Merys, you'll be brown-nosing to avoid OOH work.

Nice to see your ECPs humour the Ducklings too. ;-)


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