25 December 2006

Merys Christmas for real!

Isn't it funny how plans change? If you read the post below you'll see what my plans had been for last night.

What actually happened was a 999 call, an ambulance, the local A&E department and a seriously broken humerus (funny bone) on a fragile grandma (the one who isn't recovering from cancer!). I was walking her to our house as she just lives around the corner, when she tripped over our front step and landed on her left arm. Bless her, she's 83 years old and rather fragile in body (but strong in spirit). So I spent the next 4 hours in A&E having correctly diagnosed the broken bone by feeling the crepitus in the elbow joint. Turns out I was right (as there was nothing to see in the arm itself).

Never one to miss an opportunity (and while actually wearing my med school hooded top) I asked if I could see the X-Rays (and was taught all about the importance of the break and nerve involvement etc). Sadly that's 3 first aid/injury related events that I've been around in 2 days, so for the benefit of everyone on Christmas day, I'm hiding upstairs in my room typing this on one of my new christmas presents!

Any rumours that I may be deliberately injuring people to gain clinical experience are purely speculation (but stay clear for your own good!).

Anyway, with a quiet family Christmas day today, I'm going to wish you all a joyful and peaceful festive period (whatever you may be celebrating at this time of year) and keep yourselves safe!


Laura said...

Hi Merys, I hope your Grandma's feeling better and your new year is less eventful than your christmas was! Have a good one x

Renal said...

You found creps on an lol?

You evil bitch.

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