13 December 2006

Networking pt 1

*Disclaimer: I'm not saying that this a widespread trend, but I have seen it happening here*

I've been noticing recently that the people on this course are very competitive. It was to be expected I suppose - fighting into medical school breeds for competitive people in general. There seems to almost be a culture of out-doing each other and sneaking around to get access to different opportunities against one another.

I know of first year medical students who are members of sporting teams who use their affiliation with others to gain shadowing time in surgery (and let's remember we've only been medical students for around 2 months now!). It surprises me, but it obviously means I'm going to have to up the ante.

I'm not afraid of networking, and (if I say so myself) I'm actually quite good at it. Which leads me onto my recent experience.........

But I guess you'll have to wait for that.

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Rob said...

Awwww. No fair. Tell! Tell!