18 December 2006


Sometimes I think it would just be easier to stay here and work. Sure, I'd have to find a place of my own, but I can do this job. It's not rocket science but it's always a challenge. I'm not looking for an easy way out, but a less terrifying one would be nice every now and then.

Sometimes I want to quit, but other times I really enjoy it. I didn't realise how much I'd learnt until asked a medically related question, and the information spurted from my mouth without my realising, both to mine and the other person's surprise.

I'm always alarmed at how easy I find it to switch back into 'no-brain' mode. That sounds bizarre since I said this job was challenging doesn't it? It is challenging in a logistical kind of way; organising staff, equipment, schedules, food, drinks and teamworking requires great mental prowess (sometimes), but yet people do it all the time here and make it look easier than I do.

As I see it so far, medical school (and medicine in general) is about juggling. I think I need to learn to catch a little better.

...but maybe that's just life in general.


The Angry Medic said...

Yorkshire! I love the accent. We had an actor doing one when we staged Terry Pratchett's 'Maskerade'.

And hey, c'est la medical school, Merys ol pal. You're doing well so far.

P.S. atrocious French, I know. Don't flame me.

Trainee Paramedic said...

Annoying chavs vs Drunk chavs, thats a tough one!