23 December 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Sorry about the lack of posting for the last week, but since getting back from university on Friday night I haven't had a day off work yet. Bizarely, I've never been homesick before (and that hasn't changed), although I guess I appreciate home more now.
Problem is, I hate the place I'm at university. It's impersonal and depressing, and in about as much contrast as you could possibly be to where I studied (ahem!) before.
I really haven't settled in well, but I guess you'd probably guessed that by now. A family Christmas even looks like a pleasant concept compared to staying 'Dahn Sarf'. The obligatory family argument doesn't even put me off (provided I spend enough time at work!).
Realistically I don't want to go back to university after Christmas, but I will. If I do end up quitting medical school then I'm adamant it won't be after a measly 12 weeks. I intend to stick this degree out, and as I once said to my family (and anyone who would listen) - I would have studied medicine anywhere in the world (I believe I suggested Outer Mongolia) as long as I ended up studying medicine and qualified as a doctor.
My eyes have opened a little since then. I'm not sure being a doctor is the amazing concept I was convinced of when I was 14 years old and convinced that TV programmes showed the truth about medicine. I mean, if Casualty and ER are to be believed then being a doctor is bad for your health anyway!
Work is looming again tomorrow and I have a uniform to iron, so I best dash.


Joker The Lurcher said...

hang on in there gal! i had the same feeling after the first term of my law degree and very nearly jacked it in. i stuck it out and now i'm a boring old lawyer!

it might be an idea to make some links with other students who aren't on your course - i did voluntary work with disturbed teenagers to get away from the lawyers - which kind of shows what a laugh lawyers are!

have a great xmas.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Stick it out, we know you can do it!

Hope you have a good xmas. Don't work too hard. Hope Santa brings you what you want, and party hard.

Jo said...

:-( I'm sorry you don't like it. Don't have any wonderful advice to make it better, but if I can help in any way let me know.