03 December 2006


I guess I'm going to have to stay here now I've paid some of my fees and bought a med school hooded top. Sadly I have the most appalling case of apathy at the moment.

I have an absolutely enormous amount of work to do, but I'm procrastinating and sitting at the computer instead. I simply cannot face the amount of work I have to do!

This is not the best attitude to have with a very busy week ahead and an OSCE* looming...

*OSCE = objective structured clinical examination = clinical skills exam, usually testing how you speak to patients and do basic skills.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the OSCE Merys, I bloody hate them.

'Assessor'... Describe this wound

'Me' ... Well it's made of plasticine.......


Anonymous said...

You can do it girl.
Just take time out now and then to reflect on what you are doing ...and muse over a couple of proverbs of mine that have always stood me in ggod stead:
"SEMPER IN FACIEBUS, SUMUS SOLE PROFUNDUM VARIAT!" - "We are always in the S*%t, its just the depth that varies!" (my family motto.)and:
"Even a pork pie can look at an oak tree!" - from the "Goodies" in the 1970s.
I,m off for my medication now.

Anonymous said...

A hoodie with "xxx University College Hospital" will get you no street cred you know...